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Accelerating your startup dreams as an entrepreneur!

Gregory Gobel
February 2, 2023

MISSION42 innovates the B2B space through TradeTech

Have you ever wanted to build a new startup from the ground up?

Are you looking for an exciting way to get involved in the world of B2B commerce and trade? 

Would you like to find an innovative insight that could improve the way SMEs do business with each other? 

Do you consider yourself entrepreneurially-minded? 

Do you love a good challenge and like rolling up your sleeves? 

Did you answer ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions? And do you love a good challenge and like to roll up your sleeves? Then you need to check out AREA42’s venture building and acceleration programme, MISSION42!

What is MISSION42?

MISSION42 is a unique, collaborative accelerator programme for innovators. Our startup accelerator is a venture studio focusing on bringing real TradeTech solutions to B2B trade problems and challenges. There's a cohort of four teams with two innovators each, along with startup coaches to help guide them through the process. 

The teams work together, and in parallel, to come up with data-driven ideas to revolutionise the way businesses interact with each other. Each entrepreneurial duos validates their insight, creates an MVP and pitches to evolve that MVP into a full-fledged startup. With weekly milestones, you will be able to track and evaluate your progress throughout the programme.

What is B2B trade? 

Before getting into the details of MISSION42, let’s take a look at what B2B commerce and trade are. Business-to-business (B2B) trade refers to the sale of goods, services, and information between two businesses. B2B is the backbone for the global economy, not to mention local and regional ones. 

Did you know that B2B trade is valued at around $17.9 trillion USD? That’s five times higher than business-to-consumer (B2C)! But trade between businesses is notoriously slow, cumbersome, and challenging. We want to fix that! Let’s recode trade for the digital era.

Why does MISSION42 focus on B2B trade? 

With the unstoppable trend toward digitalisation, there are opportunities to use innovative technology to improve the way companies do business with each other. AREA42’s mission is to improve trade by making solutions that lead to a fluid and risk-savvy trade environment. MISSION42 is one of the ways we do that - seeking out the underlying business needs to deliver useful tools that make B2B trade easier to do.

By taking part in our venture studio, innovators will have the opportunity to come up with data-driven ideas that change the way businesses interact with each other. Whether it’s developing new payment systems or creating smoother customer experiences, or finding ways to drive down costs, or improve cash flow, there are endless possibilities for those who want to make a difference in the world of B2B commerce.

How does a startup accelerator work?

Our accelerator, MISSION42, is designed to give innovators the opportunity to explore trade problems and use data and experience to create new solutions. Our innovators are setting out to create our new startups. For this reason we also like to call it a venture studio. It’s more than an accelerator because we’re starting right at the inception of the idea - rather than simply pushing already existing startups in need of support.

MISSION42 lasts nine months and is broken down into four main stages: ideation, validation, development, and pitch to launch.


In this stage, the teams will find their insight for a new service that aims to help SMEs do better business with each other. Research, data, exploration, creativity, and guidance from the coaches.


This stage involves validating the idea and the market. The teams research the market and come up with a business model ensuring the service is viable. 


This stage involves turning the idea into a minimum viable product (MVP). Each team creates a prototype and tests it to ensure that it’s fit for purpose. 

Pitch to Launch

Based on the MVP, the entrepreneur teams create their pitch for launching the service and getting it out to the market. There will be a defining ‘go’ or ‘no go’ moment!

What benefits does an accelerator provide for participants? 

Are startup accelerators worth it? We say, 'Yes!' Not only from driving a new business forward, but also from what the innovators gain from the experience. MISSION42 is a great way for innovators to get immersed in the world of B2B commerce and trade. Not only will their journey lead to creating something new in only nine months, but they will also gain hands-on experience and knowledge that can be used in their future endeavours. We believe in doing experiments and what we gain from those.

Participants also have invaluable access to experienced tenured startup coaches who help to guide them through the programme. Our coaches challenge, provide advice, and deliver feedback throughout the process. The programme isn’t just about building new startups, it’s also about developing our innovators!

The MISSION42 teams are diverse and work remotely throughout the EU27, but with regular meetups in Brussels for facetime and teambuilding.

Call for applicants for the 2023 MISSION42 accelerator programme

MISSION42 is a perfect way for innovators to get involved in the world of B2B commerce and trade. Participants, with the guidance of their coaches and their own resourcefulness, will be able to explore what SMEs need and to create TradeTech solutions in response. 

With weekly milestones to evaluate progress and the opportunity to collaborate and come up with innovative ideas, the venture studio programme provides a unique opportunity for innovators to make a real difference in the world of B2B commerce and trade.

Read our Call for Applicants and find our application form here and check out the FAQs here.

In doubt? Have questions? Just drop an email to us and we’ll clear things up.