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Why we exist
B2B commerce has a significant impact on our lives. It ensures that we can work, eat, and enjoy life. Yet it does not reach its full potential. The trade industry is a collection of industries that work together in different areas, but everyone minds their own business regarding innovation.

AREA42 improves trade and makes embedded solutions for a fluid and risk-savvy trade environment. We're a venture builder specialising in B2B trade technology, known as TradeTech.

We go where no one has gone before
We're working hard to future-proof trade. No blah blah - just real and sustainable impact for our and future generations. We identify verifiable trade problems based on customer-centric insights, validate them, and build trade technology solutions to drive B2B commerce forward.

Sharing knowledge and working together
We gather intelligent, pragmatic people who want to move forward. We are a diverse team based on three important values: respect, curiosity, and boldness. We believe in mutual trust, entrepreneurship, collective creativity, technological excellence, and solid execution.

Tackling big trade issues together
We’re partnering with others to tackle problems too complex to fix alone. Some of our partners have included the World Economic Forum, Fintech Belgium, and La Place Fintech

We solve trade problems with TradeTech
TradeTech is a young industry that leverages technology to improve the trade of goods and services. That means disrupting the traditional ways of financing trade. Our venture-building studio, MISSION42, is driving this forward. And, our working capital solutions such as Terms.Tech and GrowKap are available throughout the EEA and Switzerland.

Laser-focused on what matters most
There are a lot of aspects when it comes to TradeTech, but we believe the Trade Finance Gap of $2.5 trillion, as identified by the Asian Development Bank, deserves our full attention. For years we’ve been building knowledge on the financial part of trade technology, but that doesn't mean that we’re not open to looking at other facets, too.

Putting our money where our mouth is
Finding new, alternative ways to create business opportunities is what we love. With the help of our investors and our parent company, Credendo, we can take them to the next level.

Meet the AREA42 team

We are the people behind AREA42.

Together we’re reinventing trade and creating innovations that benefit the entire trade ecosystem.

Lode Vermeersch
General Management
Frederik Simoen
Innovation & Strategy Manager
Adrian Birlogeanu
IT & Engineering Manager
Jessica Nemeth
Business Process Expert
Matej Urban
Data & Risk Manager
Saskia Buntinx
Office & Talent Manager
Jacques Bolzer
Head of Products
Jana Púllová
Product Owner & Common Components Manager
Jan-Pieter Laleman
Data Team Lead
Frank Speeckaert
Enterprise Architect
Nesrine Ben Njima
Operations Manager & IT Support Manager
Pablo Abreu
Product Owner
Yassine Kharchaf
Data & Risk Infrastructure Developer
Nicolae Filip Heruvim
Test Automation Engineer
Joris Meert
Data Scientist
Sorin Urziceanu
Full Stack Developer
Dries Timmermans
Gregory Gobel
Marketing & Content Lead
Hector Granero
Graphic Designer
Rron Ulaj
Head of Customer Success
Karel Vanderheyden
Business Development Coach
Andrey Varkentin
Data Scientist
Angelos Stamatopoulos
Data Scientist
Afonso Rebelo de Sousa
Lean Startup Coach
Adalberto Rodrigues
Venture Builder
Meaghan Johnson
Venture Builder
Robby Timmermans
Senior Account Manager
Wouter Versonnen
Country Manager – France & Italy
Pavel Gloss
Product Developer
Pieter Neels
Growth Marketeer & CRM Expert
Davide De Luca
Underwriting & Collections Specialist
Valentin Stoican
DevOps Engineer
Jana and Matej discussing risk and productAREA42 team meeting in actionAREA42 fencing team building eventAREA42 team building event - the balance gameAREA42 t-shirt with the tagline 'Trade innovation made easy'

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Frederik Simoen - Innovation and Strategy Manager at AREA42

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