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venture-building studio

B2B trade finance startup accelerator


We're building our next TradeTech startups from the ground up by harnessing innovation and an agile mindset. From idea to MVP, we build the blueprints
for scaleups.

Mission42 team in March 2024

MISSION42: Why and how?

We fulfil AREA42's purpose by accelerating TradeTech ventures.

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Working remotely with entrepreneurs across the EU27

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Customer-centric approach to building, validating, and launching startups

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Clear 9 to 12-month Stage Gate process

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Tap into the insights of a tenured TradeTech team

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Work with a world-class development team

About AREA42

We are innovators making trade future-proof. We disrupt B2B commerce and trade with customer-centric innovations in trade technology.
--> Learn more about TradeTech here.

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Afonso tells you about MISSION42

Afonso, our Lean Startup Coach, describes the vision of MISSION42 – to build startups that help B2B-focused SMEs trade successfully, smoothly, and in a risk-savvy way.

How we build new startups

How do we build new TradeTech startups?

We go on a nine-month customer-centric journey. From insights through validation mechanisms to testing and launch.
Let's see how we do it!

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About our venture-building journey


Insights-grounded direction sprint


In-market B2B customer validation


Business modelling and viability development


Product architecture and operational flow


MVP blueprint and Stage Gate pitch

You're in good company

Meet the MISSION42 team

Afonso Rebelo de Sousa - Lean Startup Coach for MISSION42 at AREA42
Afonso R. de Sousa
Lean Startup Coach
Adalberto Rodrigues - Venture builder for MISSION42 at AREA42
Adalberto Rodrigues
Venture Builder
Meaghan Johnson - Venture builder for MISSION42 at AREA42
Meaghan Johnson
Venture Builder
Lode Vermeersch - Head of AREA42
Lode Vermeersch
General Management
Frederik Simoen - Innovation and Strategy Manager at AREA42
Frederik Simoen
Innovation & Strategy Manager
Jacques Bolzer - Head of Products at AREA42
Jacques Bolzer
Product Manager & Business Developer
Gregory Gobel - Marketing and Content Lead at AREA42
Gregory Gobel
Marketing & Content Lead
Saskia Buntinx - Office Manager at AREA42
Saskia Buntinx
Office & Talent Manager
Hector Granero - Designer at AREA42
Hector Granero


Are you a resilient and relentless doer with ambition to build a game-changing TradeTech venture?

Our ideal candidates clearly express key motivations for joining the programme, highlight entrepreneurial initiatives, and demonstrate useful skills for venture building.

During your MISSION42 journey, you'll focus on what it takes to create a successful startup. Identifying and validating a need and market, preparing a business plan, meeting weekly milestones and coaching challenges, creating a pitch for a new trade technology solution, and pitching it.

If your venture gets the go-ahead to scale up it will join the AREA42 portfolio of TradeTech solutions.

Read more about corporate startups.

We are not currently looking for new innovators, but stay on the look out for future job postings.

Frederik Simoen - Innovation and Strategy Manager at AREA42

Any unanswered questions?

Hi, I'm Frederik. I can't wait to hear from you to explore and discuss MISSION42.

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