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Entrepreneurs are the driving forces of change. That’s why we empower TradeTech enthusiasts to launch or grow their customer-validated businesses. AREA42 is a trade technology venture builder with a strong focus on disrupting how we trade products and services.

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AN AREA42 Story

Since its launch at the start of 2019, AREA42 has had a long-term vision: to recode trade for the digital era.

But, how and why did AREA42 start? The (not so) simple answer is credit insurance bankers contemplating 3D printing!

‘What does 3D printing have to do with TradeTech?’ you might ask yourself quizzically. Well, theoretically, if something can be delivered immediately the receiver can also pay for it immediately. In that scenario, you don’t need credit insurance, because there’s no risk asking to be insured.


‘But wait,’ your keen business mind may say, ‘I’m not so worried about credit insurance. My main concern is that my business doesn’t want to pay immediately - we must manage our cash flow very carefully!’

AREA42 transferred the disruptive idea of immediacy to the mission of balancing commercial demands and technical possibilities to find risk savvy ways to make B2B more fluid.


Enter the budding B2B marketplace space. The main issue was this: if B2B marketplaces are based on how well-established B2C marketplaces were operating, that would not be appealing to businesses. Why? Whereas a consumer is used to paying immediately or delayed with a credit card, businesses don’t want to pay immediately and generally don't put large transactions on cards.

Instead, they traditionally prefer payment terms so they can manage their cash flow over time and in their favour. Also, marketplace managers needed an easier way to connect and make sense of the spaghetti-like web of APIs needed to put together efficient and functioning B2B marketplaces.


The emerging B2B marketplace issues created the opportunities for TradeTech solutions. First, Kamel Tansaout (CEO, Marjory) and AREA42 deep dive into collaboration to create a low-code process orchestrator to solve the API spaghetti issue - the result is Marjory.

What about the cash flow question? Terms.Tech, which is led by Product Manager Jessica Nemeth, is AREA42’s credit solution for payment terms - a fast, secure, flexible, and easy-to-integrate buy now, pay later solution facilitating smooth and secure B2B transactions. 


A new question needed to be answered – how would Terms.Tech collect and transfer the money from transactions? AREA42 joined forces with an EEA-licensed payment service provider called Digiteal, managed by its CEO, Cédric Nève. Lode Vermeersch, the Head of AREA42, sits on Digiteal’s Board of Directors.

With these efforts AREA42 has been making progress on the initial problem statement. We create new tech possibilities to enable risk-savvy  B2B transactions, addressing traditional business concerns while smoothing out trade.

AREA42 continues to search for new problem statements and their potential TradeTech solutions and is accelerating this through our venture building programme, MISSION42.


AREA42's ecosystem

What is Terms.Tech?

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B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution

Terms.Tech is a fully customisable deferred payments solution offering payment terms via B2B Buy Now, Pay Later for B2B commerce and trade. 

We know that it’s not easy or economical for every B2B merchant to fund and manage deferred payments for their customers. That makes Terms.Tech the kind of embedded finance TradeTech solution that AREA42 loves to move to market.

Why? It integrates seamlessly into existing marketplace ecosystems and e-commerce solutions and it’s easy to use. Best of all, Terms.Tech enables buyers, sellers and marketplaces to grow their businesses while managing their cash flow.

Terms.Tech provides these business tools - and more!

Terms tech logo that looks like a T in dark and royal blue.

Liquidity and payment terms up to 120 days

Terms tech logo that looks like a T in dark and royal blue.

Instant credit decisions and underwriting

Terms tech logo that looks like a T in dark and royal blue.

Robust risk management

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Credit collection

Terms tech logo that looks like a T in dark and royal blue.


Make Terms.tech 100% you!

Terms.Tech is designed to match each customer’s purpose and it finds the best possible payment terms solution for their needs. This means Terms.Tech's white label approach runs on your rails, and matches your brand and values!

Take a look at Terms.Tech
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Cédric Nève
Founder & CEO, Digiteal

“At Digiteal, we love European solutions. With Terms.tech, we found the perfect B2B BNPL solution to enable European e-commerces and marketplaces to improve the cash flow of both buyers and sellers. They are great partners as they find the business process that makes the most sense in every situation.”

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Guilluame Conrate
Sales & Client Success Director, Marjory

"At Marjory, we provide a SaaS solution that enables Ecommerce Operator to design and build agile, cost effective integrations. Terms.tech's B2B payment terms product is the perfect complement to our suite of offerings for marketplaces. With Terms.tech, we meet our customers' growing demand for BNPL with workflow designs that address the complex needs of B2B marketplaces."

What is Digiteal?

Digiteal logo
Payment service provider (PSP)

Digiteal is an EEA-licensed payment service provider that helps both businesses and consumers navigate their payment experiences and needs. Digiteal’s solutions simply make electronic payments easier. Whether it’s QR codes in paper bills or embedding ‘pay’ buttons in your emails, portals, and apps.

Digiteal also helps boost B2B marketplaces. As a certified payment institution, Digiteal collects money for marketplaces, automates and splits payments to distinct parties, and acts as the PSP when Terms.tech is embedded.

In April 2024, Digiteal was acquired by Aera Payment & Identification, a leading Norwegian FinTech.

Digiteal helps businesses to succeed by:

Digiteal logo

Automating invoicing for sales and purchasing

Digiteal logo

Facilitating electronic payments

Digiteal logo

Enabling to bank movements to accelerate bank reconciliations

consumers also benefit from digiteal

It’s all about saving time for consumers. By providing innovative solutions to their suppliers, Digiteal enables people to pay bills and invoices based on security, clarity, flexibility, and serenity. Digiteal even allows consumers to secure their second-hand car transactions thanks to Digiteal’s trusted payment solution. Life is much easier with Digiteal!

Discover more about Digiteal
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Fabrice Janssens
Manager, MIS DATA

“I can now offer my clients a direct debit without having to take care of the administrative burden, a real treat for them and for me.”

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Jean-Francois Herremans

“We want to help our customers in their digitalisation process, both for billing and for payments. Activating the Digiteal module in Adfinity allows them to accelerate this transition!”

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Souffian Krimou
IPCF Member

“Very easy to use, that’s how I see the future of e-invoicing, both personally and professionally.”

What is Marjory?

marjory logo violet
Marketplace orchestrator

Marjory is a low-code data connectivity solution for workflow automation between best-of-breed apps. What does that mean in simple terms? Marjory enables businesses to automate these types of tasks: seller onboarding, KYC management, payment management, and e-procurement.

Marjory is a process orchestrator, meaning it creates seamless workflow automations between the apps (marketplace solution, PSP, CMS, etc.) that businesses use to carry out tasks. Cofidis, Comexposium, Decathlon, Electro Depot, Kiabi, Lyreco, Technicolor all benefit from Marjory's workflow automations.

What are some of the solutions Marjory provides?

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Launch a B2B or B2C marketplace

marjory logo violet

Data orchestration with iPaas for CIOs

marjory logo violet

Low-code data connections for CDOs

marjory logo violet

Digitalisation and automation of e-procurement

Marjory Academy

Want to learn more about digital marketplaces and orchestration? Marjory gives you the chance to learn from their experts, acquire functional and technical knowledge, and even pick up a Marjory certification.

Make your way over to Marjory
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Jana Pullova
Product Owner, Terms.Tech

“Our solution for B2B payments is a game-changer for marketplaces, which is why we want to make it available to as many operators as possible. Thanks to Marjory, the integration of our product only takes a few days, and we can spend our energy on what matters: meeting the needs of our customers.”

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Jerome Vigneron
Project Director, United.b/Reconomia

“Thanks to Marjory technology, we were able to reduce the scoping and build phases of our project to build a marketplace 100% adapted to the constraints of the refurbished economy!”