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European SME Landscape 2024

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European SME Landscape 2024 is based on a survey of over 400 SMEs from across 8 EU countries plus the UK to uncover how SME leaders view issues around B2B trade and accompanying financial service support needs.

Jump into the report and you’ll find out:

  • How SMEs approach payment after delivery and reliability checks
  • What levels of confidence they have in those reliability checks
  • What triggers SMEs to use – or not use – information and/or insurance agencies
  • Actions and techniques used to mitigate risks around payments
  • To what extent SMEs find being financially healthy a challenge
  • And, even what transaction value is make or break for them!

Why have we conducted the survey and put this report together? As we strive to discover trends and insights that provide focus for our trade innovation activities, it’s important for AREA42 to investigate and stay up-to-date on the complex, challenging, and evolving European SME landscape. We believe releasing some of the survey’s findings to the public serves to start conversations and raise questions around the report’s topic scope.

It’s not just survey results, charts and verbatims, though! The report also features spotlight commentaries by some of AREA42’s experts, including Lode Vermeersch (Head of AREA42), Jessica Nemeth (Product Manager of Terms.Tech), Frederik Simoen (Innovation and Strategy Manager), Afonso Rebelo De Sousa (Lean Startup Coach), and Matej Urban (Data and Risk Manager).

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